About Us

The Farm Holiday Centre “Il Sentiero” is part of a family run agricultural farm of about 23 hectares which operates mostly in the field of biological farming.

The recently restored buildings are found close to nature, following an avenue of cherry trees which in days gone by, used to take you to the source of the Lapidosus stream.

All around you there are forests, vineyards, orchards, olive groves and wisely cultivated land while in the background there is the striking profile of the Sibylline Mountains and the Aso Valley.


Farm Holiday "Il Sentiero" - Contrada Fonte d'Ercole, 11 -  Montalto delle Marche (AP) Italy
Cell. +39 3289196550 +39 3382428936  Tel. +39 0736 828454
Rooms or apartments to stay - Swimming Pool - Local agricultural products 
Email: info@bbilsentiero.it